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Amy Hagstrom Miller: Whole Women's Health and Challenging the Status Quo

$25.00 per member/$35 per non-member to hold a space at the dinner.
25 tickets max will be sold for each talk.
Tickets must be pre-paid.
Talks and dinners are in the Garden Terrace.


Amy Hagstrom Miller is founder, president, and CEO of Whole Woman’s Health is a privately-owned, feminist organization committed to providing holistic care for women, comprehensive gynecology services, including abortion care. As the lead plaintiff in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, she helped secure a crucial victory against abortion restrictions in Texas, which has since been used in at least 12 other states. Now, she’s challenging similar restrictions in Virginia. Hagstrom Miller will discuss her experiences winning the most consequential US Supreme Court decision in decades, the future of Roe and her life’s work to eliminate the stigma and shame surrounding abortion via the non-profit initiative SHIFT.