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Kirt von Daacke: UVA’s difficult past from 1865 to 1965

$25.00 per member/$35 per non-member to hold a space at the dinner.
25 tickets max will be sold for each talk.
Tickets must be pre-paid.
Talks and dinners are in the Garden Terrace.


Professor Kirt von Daacke’s research centers upon social constructions of race, community social hierarchies, and identity in eighteenth and nineteenth century America. He is Assistant Dean and Professor of History at UVA He is especially fascinated with studying the complex interplay of race and culture in the antebellum South. Prof. von Daacke co-chairs both the UVA President's Commission on Slavery and the University (PCSU) and the President’s Commission on the University in the Age of Segregation (PCUAS). The PCSU worked on research, acknowledgment, community engagement, and atonement for several years, culminating in the completion of a significant memorial to enslaved laborers (expected completion spring 2019). The PCUAS will continue that process and investigate UVA’s difficult past from 1865 to 1965. Prof. von Daacke serves on the FSBC Board of Directors and as we approach our Centennial Celebration in 2021, will help our community reckon with our own racial history as a private social club, founded in the 1920’s in the South.